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Weight Management

If you are struggling to decrease the number on your weight scale, you are not alone. Reports have stated that around 45 million Americans go on diet each year and around 40% of adults in the United States have obesity, and 32% are struggling to manage their weight. At JumpStart Therapeutics, we specialize in body fat reduction, resistance training, improving muscle tone, increasing flexibility, and improving cardiovascular and nutritional planning.

At JST, our certified trainers provide scientific assistance to everyone who is ready to change and maintain a healthy lifestyle Through planned nutrition and proper execution of exercises. Our trainer Dwellie Sheko is board-certified trainer stretch and flexibility coach who works closely with clients to help them unlock their potential and reach their weight loss goals permanently. Call or schedule an online appointment today to know more about our weight management services. Scroll down to check our weight management packages.

Easy & Quick Ready-to-enroll Weight Management Programs in Illinois
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Client-Focused Weight Management Programs

At the very core of JumpStart Therapeutics, the focus is to have our clients trained and supervised one-on-one at the highest level of efficiency in the comfort of their own workout facility or Jumpstart Therapeutics location in Homewood, Illinois. Our trainers use an integrative, holistic approach to weight management. Our coach Dwellie Sheko develops personalized meal plans and exercises based on your personal regiment and taste.

At JST, we provide a complimentary personal fitness assessment. This provides us with insight and helps us adapt workout techniques based on your individual fitness level, medical history, and goals. Want to lose weight fast? Do not wait, discuss with our trainer today!

Weight Management Packages
(10-20-30 sessions)

Weight management programs at JumpStart Therapeutics are designed using general health and wellness education and nutrition-based weight loss techniques that help you attain your weight loss goals in a quick and easy way. Our weight management services include;

Reducing Body Fat

Resistance Training

Improving Cardiovascular

Nutritional Planning

Muscle Toning

Increasing Flexibility

How Do We Set Prices?

We provide competitive rates plus family and couple discounts, including set sessions.

Our rate guideline is as follows:

  • The experience of the trainer (average of 8-12 years)
  • Trainer availability
  • Time of session (peak hours vs. non-peak hours)
  • Frequency of your training (purchasing a package will reduce your rate per session).
  • Location of the session (in home, gym, or JST location)

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