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About Us

JumpStart Therapeutics - Rise For A Change

Our fitness training facilities are spacious and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and certified trainers. At JumpStart Therapeutics, we strive to provide one-on-one personal training, pain management, and fitness programs for those dealing with poor stamina, endurance, and pain due to injury or overcompensation.

Over the last decade, Jumpstart Therapeutics organization has impacted the Chicago area by providing our clients with life-changing personal training, pain reduction, and nutritional information.

Following our guidelines and practices, some clients, like Presila Johnson, have slowly been drawn off their diabetic medications just by training with us twice a week and making a few changes to their diet like decreasing portion sizes and the number of sweet drinks they intake.

Another excellent example of our dedicated and client-focused training program is our esteemed client Theresa McCoy who met with a terrible car accident in 2014 that landed her in a wheelchair. Through vigorous exercise programs and becoming more aware of her eating habits, the deep depression and most of the physical ailments she was dealing with have been eliminated, even the wheelchair.

Vision and Mission

At JumpStart Therapeutics, we aim to provide the highest level of expertise and training unparalleled by other fitness facilities in the industry. We have just one goal to assist individuals in living a healthy lifestyle by reaching their fitness goals.

Our mission at JumpStart Therapeutics is to change the lives of those dealing with physical and mental disabilities and having special fitness needs. 100% of donations to JumpStart Therapeutics provide physical fitness and pain management to those with special needs.

Our Differentiators

Core Values We Stand For

JumpStart Therapeutics is not your regular health club or gym, and we offer customized fitness training programs tailored to meet your needs and help you accomplish all your fitness goals. Our coaches and trainers are our most valuable asset, because of the results we have got from the pain management devices and services that we offer.

Personalized Training Programs

Each individual is unique. Thus, we offer personalized fitness training programs to value special needs.

State-of-the-art Facilities

We have state-of-the-art fitness facilities at premium locations, or our trainers can provide 1-on-1 training at your place.

Motivated Team & Friendly Staff

Trainers at JumpStart Therapeutics are highly motivated and always strive to give you the best possible experience.


Our Accreditation

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National Accredition

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Our Trainer

Meet the Founder of JumpStart Therapeutics and Certified Personal Trainer Dwellie Sheko

Hi, my name is Dwellie. I started my career in 2008 as a Trainer at LA Fitness downtown Chicago where I learned the true meaning of happiness which is delivering bespoke results to customers who join JST.  In my tenure of motivating and training individuals of different cultures, body types and careers, one thing I found in common was everyday minor aches and pains they were dealing with. Whether it was soar feet, their lower back from sitting too long at a desk job or sore muscles from working out, I was concerned and wanted to give them a pain-free life, and that is how our pain management division was created. This extension of Jumpstart Therapeutics has everything we’ll ever need to relieve those minor everyday aches and pains so many of us deal with.

At the very bottom of it, I personally believe that health is a way of life and should never be a chore! Get up and schedule a demo class with me right away.

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